Life is Sweet

Now it’s my turn. After you always had to be content with Pati and David’s blog posts, I also get in touch. After all, Milagros is my boat, too. I only get water around here, nothing to eat, but the two air conditioners make cat life even more pleasant than it already is. I can hang around and scratch and bite when the two owners of my boat disobey me. I’m Dulce, “sweet” in Spanish, which I am. And I’m the yard manager.

They were gone for a long time, David and Patricia from my Milagros. But that’s not a problem, because I have a lot of families here on the boatyard. If someone isn’t around, I just make myself comfortable somewhere else. Even the night guards have already fallen in love with me. People at my service 24/7 all over the yard. Nice!

Like magpies

In the last few weeks my boat has been taken apart a little more every day, and the mast has been removed. Patricia and David have been pounding and scratching at it for days. Cursing can be heard from time to time. A couple of screws and bolts don’t seem to come loose. Fortunately, I just have to watch. As a boat cat, of course, I know how to remove stubborn parts. WD40 and PB Blaster. The miracle cure for everything.

As always, they borrowed all sorts of equipment from other boat owners. Like magpies. If I didn’t wake them up in the morning between 3 and 4 a.m., nothing would move forward on the construction site. Just grab them by the face a few times while they’re still in bed and they’re on their feet. After all, I’m the foreman. No, I’m a foreCAT. I’m not one of those weird hoomans after all.

Hallowed be Dave

Live like cats

The two usually work on the mast in the evenings. We don’t want to do stuff in the blazing midday sun often. We like to hide in the cooled-down cabins of Milagros and work on other projects. The two humans are working. I don’t. But I offer my help every now and then. Sometimes my crew doesn’t work either. I treat them to these breaks. If no one tells people what to do when, they become almost cat-like. They sit and lie around for hours. Suddenly they know what is good for them. In the evenings it’s back to work. The mast offers me a wonderful place to sit. Here I can watch them both and the mast warms my belly. Ah yes, the “work” – I could watch humans do it for hours on end.

What a joy

One morning there was a lot of hustle and bustle on Milagros. David hid in the bilge again. Seems to be his favourite place on the boat. I also find the bilge exciting. I sometimes disappear into it and examine the farthest corners of Milagros. Pati wrapped David in plastic, and I helped. Then he cut around on the remaining of the two water tanks with the angle grinder. One is already gone, now it’s the turn of the second. Seemed to be a lot of fun. He even wanted to sell his boat at some point. But that won’t happen because it is broken down into its individual parts. He should have thought about it beforehand. Nevertheless, he managed to overcome the urge to get rid of his sailboat and the old water tanks were history a little later.

Green paste on the hull

Another bizarre situation a little later on the underwater hull. The two set out to smear green epoxy putty over the bare fiberglass. For hours and days. Sometimes even early in the morning. Apparently, it is supposed to be good for stabilizing the fiberglass before paint comes on. Whatever makes them happy, I guess. Whenever my crew is sweating outside, I have a good time in the boat. I have the entirety of Milagros to myself and can finally stretch my legs.

As the two were done with the putty work, they stood in front of their masterpiece and were almost bursting with pride. If they only knew that days of sanding work lay ahead of them. I know of course. I’ve watched the fairing process taking place hundreds of times. Hoomans are weird. Hoomans on boats are even weirder. They work themselves to death for hours on end in the heat of the desert. And they love it. And they hate it. At the same time.

My fancy litter box

There is a large pile of sand near Milagros. It’s my litter box. Imagine – there would be room for 10 cats, but I am the only one doing my business here. It’s a cat’s dream come true! Bonita, the yard dog prefers to distribute her business across the entire yard under the boats. EW! But she can’t help it, as it is well known that dogs are not the brightest bulbs on the chandelier. What I’ve figured out already is that she is no danger to me. She doesn’t do much more than bark. I just sit there and do nothing. I am completely unimpressed. But I digress. The toilet!

Attack on the throne

While Patricia and David are working on the mast, I am sitting in my toilet wonderland and am yelled at by two birds that are sitting on the fence above sit on my head. No bird is safe from me, I kill everything that moves (and is significantly smaller than me). And then leave it laying around in the yard. However, I did underestimate these two fellas. When I wanted to return to Milagros, something suddenly grabs my bottom. I was actually being attacked. By the birds! ME! The queen of the boatyard! This is too much! Out of here quickly! Patricia and David of course saw everything and made fun of me for the rest of the evening. My reputation ruined. I was chased away by birds. Oh, the shame!

Paint on the boat

Then it’s that time again. A new coat of paint goes on the boat. For the umpteenth time. Yet another habit of boat-owners. They paint their boats. Then they sand everything off again. And paint it again. Then they sand everything off again. In between, they even do other stuff. Completely crazy. But this time, things were different. Pancho, a boartyard worker, came over with his paint gun. Pati and David have to wrap the boat in plastic. Of course, I am helping diligently again. After all, that’s what I’m here for.


Then the spraying started. While Pancho was applying another coat of primer, David followed him like a shadow and helped where he could, so that the master could concentrate on his artwork. If only David tried that hard to feed me. I’m still waiting to get cat food with my water. But I have to get my food somewhere else. Very exhausting to go back and forth all the time. But I repeat myself and digress again. Half of the boat was sprayed quickly. The second half had to wait as the sun beat on the hull. Later in the evening, also the job was done. Looking nice! Apparently, that was what David and Pati thought too, because again they stood around for a long time, looking at my newly white boat.

At Home

Now that the second half of the boat had also been sprayed, David and Pati can devote themselves to other projects again. They still have a lot to do in the next few days. It won’t be long before the two of them leave me in Puerto Peñasco. Less than two weeks, then they get on the plane home to Switzerland. It will be a short, two-week visit for the wedding of Patricia’s brother. Let’s see how much progress they can make in the remaining days. I’ll be happy to help, as always. Well then, until another time. See ya!

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So ein cooler und lustiger Bericht – schön, dass es für Euch vorwärts geht – wenn auch mit seeehhr viel Arbeit verbunden. Herzliche Grüsse, Jacqueline

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