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Our sailing adventure starts in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico! Follow along here!

Milagros, the Daughter of Sisyphus?

Milagros is a puzzle with a million pieces. And we need a lot of patience to put it all back together. Step by step.

Catrinas at the day of the dead

When the Dead dance

We have walked among the dead and have released baby turtles to the Sea of Cortez. And then there was another highlight. A very big one that is.

An End In Sight

We see light at the end of the tunnel. Splashing is imminent, if everything works out the way we want it to. Milagros is almost ready for the next big adventure.

All Good Things Come in Two

After a long stretch of failures and setbacks we’re finally moving again! We’re ticking more and more items off our To-Do List!

All Just A Bad Dream?

We find ourselves in a unique streak of bad luck. Unbelievable things have happened that beggar description. And we were right in the middle of it.

Souther Arizona desert racing crew

Desert Racing in Mexico

We wanted to splash Milagros at the end of September, but we have lost the race against time. Sometimes we have more important things than refitting to do. For example, desert racing.

From A for Acceptance to W for Wrecked

After digesting the paint shock, we successfully get some projects done and learn new skills. But the lows are not long in coming.

A Day to Forget About

The pouring rain hurricane Nora sent to Peñasco washed our dreams of finishing our time on the hard anytime soon down the drain. We have to deal with a cosiderable hit…

The First Nasty Surprise

Our refit progressed on all fronts like a freight train. But Milagros had her first nasty surprise in store for us.