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We’re Pati and Dave, a young Swiss couple looking for adventure!

As newbies, we bought Milagros, a 44-foot sailboat and did an extensive refit in 2021 to get her ready to cruise. We immerse into the sailing world, learn the ropes and always try to fail forward. Currently we’re exploring the Sea of Cortez in Mexico as liveaboard cruisers and digital nomads.

Take part in our adventure by following our sailing blog! At worst we’ll be looking for a shower, food and a place to stay, at best we’ll be able to tell you loads of cool stories. Or maybe both.

Join us on our journey, hop on board!

Pati and Dave

Recent posts

Back on Dry Land – Our First Season is Over!

The time had come. Our very first season on Milagros was about to end. But first, we had to get Milagros ready for their summer hibernation.

Change of Plans and Background Noise

We’re spending a week at the Santa Rosalia Marina before crossing the Sea of Cortez where we plan to haul out Milagros for the summer break.

Heat, Waves, Coffee and Fire

As we are being roasted by the relentless Mexican sun, our very first season living the cruising life is slowly but steadily coming to an end. But first, there’s more adventures to be had!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We had to leave the beautiful anchorage in San Juanico because of unpleasant conditions, so we sailed north to meet Marga on Dogfish in Coyote Bay.

Disco in the Water and Party in the Sky

We leave the most beautiful bay and continue north. Isla Coronados and San Juanico are up next. Once again, we fix things with a beautiful view and meet a fellow Swiss traveler who is on a long journey.

Is this the most beautiful Place?

It’s very possible that we might have found the most beautiful place in the Sea of Cortez (so far). We take full advantage of Starlink, we just stay for as long as we can and take full advantage of our surroundings.

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