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Stories of our journey

Welcome to the reason why we have set up this homepage – we want to let you be part of our sailing voyage on our Kelly Peterson 44. Be it with good or bad news, if possible we’ll try to keep you updated with new sailing blog updates on a weekly basis about our experiences we make along the way.

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The Silence of the Desert

Even though it neither looks nor feels like it, we’re actually making progress with Milagros’ refit. Besides work, we enjoy a weekend in the desert.

Cruising Community – the best Community

After a few weeks at the Cabrales Boatyard we can say: We made the right decision to come here. Sometimes our situation is a bit overwhelming, but the company we have here makes everything a better.

Where there is Light, there is Shadow

The work seems endless and a recommendation of a professional makes us doubt our approach. Time to take a day off and celebrate my birthday.

Haunted by Bad Luck

Our fiberglass material was finally delivered – the rebuilding of the hull could begin! Finally, we thought, the destruction would stop. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We would learn a lot, but we were haunted by bad luck.

Fire truck in Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

When Pleasure Ends In Drama

What starts off on a pretty nice sunday turns into a crazy week with all kinds of weird things happening.

Removing Thru Hulls – 20 are too many

We are removing thru hulls in order to close the holes before we paint Milagros’ hull. But not everything is going smoothly and one of our big projects needs a reassessment and is therefore delayed.

Sanding equipment for sailboat sanding

Sanding Gelcoat – No Pain No Gain!

We’re diving into our first big project. Sanding the gelcoat off Milagros’ hull is very hard work! Too hard it seems some point. Ouch!

Milagros in a Sandstorm

We discover a proper solution for the next steps in our hull project. With it come with a few days of free time in Puerto Peñasco, which leads to a couple of interesting experiences.

Twisted in the Engine Room

We learn what a prop shaft coupling is and how it can be removed. This brings us a step further in one of our big projects but requires a decision.