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Welcome to the reason why we have set up this homepage – we want to let you be part of our sailing voyage on our Kelly Peterson 44. Be it with good or bad news, if possible we’ll try to keep you updated with new sailing blog updates on a weekly basis about our experiences we make along the way.

If there is any topic you are missing or anything you’re interested in that we did not cover yet, let us know in the comments or with a quick message!

We’re always open for input, ideas and criticism!

Start here from the beginning…

Astillero Cabrales – the right Decision?

The Astillero Cabrales in Puerto Peñasco will be our new headquarters. Why are we actually settling in the very north of the Sea of Cortez? Is this a good idea?

The crew in front of Milagros hanging from the travellift

Puerto Peñasco makes Sailboats fly!

The time had come to embark on what would be our last couple days on the water. For two days straight we cruise further and further north. And in the end we get to know Milagros in her full size.

Santa Rosalia Old Mining Facilities

Santa Rosalia is a Lucky Draw!

To think that Santa Rosalia was just a lost place in the middle of nowhere was a mistake. Fortunately, Iñaki proved us wrong!

Los Frailes – a Touch of the South Seas

Milagros passes a cape! We sail to La Paz with stops in Cabo San Lucas and Los Frailes and leave the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula behind us.

The Curse of Mag Bay

We explore the small fishing village of Punta Magdalena, eat like kings (and queens) in the truest sense of the word, and face diesel engine problems.

Our First 500 Nautical Miles South to Magdalena Bay

We finally set sail with Milagros! We’re off on my first offshore sailing trip of over 500 nautical miles south to Magdalena Bay. Say whaaat?

Dave sitting next to the anchor windlass, trying to understand the miracle

Anchor Windlass Comebacks and other Wonders

It’s the final countdown! We experience some miracles while preparing the crossing and we’re once again pampered by fellow cruisers.

Pati working on the rigging

Milagros goes Sailing!

Pati becomes head of gas installations onboard Milagros and we benefit from the unique sailing community while we prepare the test sail.

Boat Projects to start the Adventure

We begin with the preparations for the transfer of Milagros to another harbour and are already experiencing the first ups and downs of boat life.