The Crew

This is us!

We are Patricia and David, both in our early 30ies. We’re from the Basel area in the northwest of Switzerland (no, not Sweden) and have spent more than 10 years together as a happy couple, always looking for the next adventure. We both love travelling, the sea & nature, so going out there on our own sailboat seems like a pretty genius move if you ask us.

If you want to know how everything came together, why not head to our Blog and start reading from the beginning? 🙂


I always wanted to be a captain – haha not really 😊 It’s just that I’m interested in (too) many different things and like to learn new stuff. I can imagine the most diverse life models and with this boat idea I could only say: why not? Let’s do it! I’m not a fan of rigid conceptions, expectations and goals. I prefer just having a perspective – it needs to feel good in the end, no matter what it is and how you got there.

What else can I say about me? Well I like metal, honey cuts, black, numbers, reading, cacti, cats. And I don’t like middle strip drivers, polenta, soccer, blue, horses, unreliability, cat toilets.

If I were a vegetable, I would be an eggplant: dark on the outside, light on the inside. And properly prepared, it tastes good (mostly).

Embrace the unexpected!


I’ve been playing drums in metal bands for a long time, I’ve flown propeller planes and paragliders, I did bee keeping, diving, and I’m a newbie guitar player. I’m just the kind of person that tries to learn whatever is out of he ordinary and seems interesting. Life’s too short to waste time.

I always felt very comfortable near and in the water, but I never had anything to do with sailing and boats until we spent two weeks sailing the Cape Verde islands with Patricia’s sister and her boyfriend– I was hooked instantly. Little did I know that two years later we’d be owners of our own sailboat.

Let’s see what this new chapter brings. I’m ready.