The Boat


… our Kelly Peterson 44 sailboat “Milagros” (which is “Miracles” in Spanish). The name totally fits. It actually is a bit of a miracle how we have discovered our new home on the water. For the full crazy story about how we found her, check out our sailing blog!

A true classic

We’re proud owners of a true bluewater cruising classic, a sturdy, safe and well performing Kelly Peterson 44 sailboat. It was drawn by design pioneer Doug Peterson in 1976.

Milagros herself was built in 1978 and was the 82nd boat in this series. You can tell from her hull number #183 (Kelly Peterson 44s started with #101).

Our first experiences

As her name says she’s 44ft (approx. 13m) long. The Kelly Peterson 44 is are praised by her owners for their reliability, sailing characteristics and both her deck and interior layouts. Everything combined makes for safe and protected passages. When we took Milagros out for our first sail we had the feeling that she’s a very well-tempered and forgiving lady that sails beautifully. We’re happy to be able to share our experiences with this kind of sailboat on our sailing blog.

The Salon

Entering the salon from the cockpit you’ll find a fully equipped U-shaped galley (kitchen) on portside and a large navigation table on starboard side. The main salon with its cozy and traditional layout fits four people around a large table. It also contains a couch that can be converted into a wide sea berth.

The V-berth

All the way in the front of the boat there is one of two cabins containing a V-berth that sleeps two comfortably, and one of the two heads (toilets).

The Aft Cabin

The second cabin on board is located Aft (in the back). You can find it after moving through a narrow passageway, past storage space and the engine room which is located midships below the center cockpit. It’s a true ‘master bedroom’ since it sports a huge berth in which you can sleep in any direction you can imagine. Comfyyyyyy!

Milagros has been basically rebuilt from the ground up by her previous owner in the years prior to the sale. So we’re in a comfortable position where we can start out to our voyage with a boat that is basically ready to go, altough she needs a couple of upgrades and is in desperate need of a new paintjob. Every boat owner knows that there will be surprises along the way. We’ll sooner or later see what Milagros has in store for us.

If you want to see more pictures of Milagros, head over to our gallery!

If you want to meet her in person, drop us a message and come visit us! We’d be happy to welcome you on board!