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Paddle board girls

Our Journey Back North Begins

Beauty awaits! Turquoise waters, amazing sealife, dramatic desert landscapes! Finally, we get to explore the Sea of Cortez properly!

A Surprise in La Paz

On the way to La Paz, we come together with fellow sailors and explore Isla Coronado. But time is pressing, because we have a surprise planned in La Paz.

David in the dinghy besides a fishing panga

This Is An Emergency!

We experience first-hand how quickly a simple passage can turn into an emergency. We got lucky big time.

Cast Off – We’re Going Sailing

We take a break from boat work and go on a sailing trip. Our departure was a bit hectic, because the painting of the freeboard was not going as planned.

Decision Fatigue – our Heads are Spinning

We suffer from acute decision fatigue – our heads are spinning. Because the decisions won’t make themselves, simple strategies are needed.

Is this your first boat?

The honeymoon is over and we are daring the big projects. As expected we encounter obstacles that have to be overcome. Our motto is: one step at a time.

The crew in front of Milagros hanging from the travellift

Puerto Peñasco makes Sailboats fly!

The time had come to embark on what would be our last couple days on the water. For two days straight we cruise further and further north. And in the end we get to know Milagros in her full size.

Santa Rosalia Old Mining Facilities

Santa Rosalia is a Lucky Draw!

To think that Santa Rosalia was just a lost place in the middle of nowhere was a mistake. Fortunately, Iñaki proved us wrong!

Los Frailes – a Touch of the South Seas

Milagros passes a cape! We sail to La Paz with stops in Cabo San Lucas and Los Frailes and leave the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula behind us.