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Lessons Learned and Memories Made

We’re already back home in Switzerland! Our season ended with a highlight, but even here on the other side of the planet we’re not spared from trouble.

Catrinas at the day of the dead

When the Dead dance

We have walked among the dead and have released baby turtles to the Sea of Cortez. And then there was another highlight. A very big one that is.

Back to Work – the Clock is Ticking

After 2 weeks of “holiday” in Switzerland, we returned to Milagros. Thanks to a new approach to project management, we were able to tick off many tasks from our to-do list. And we rewarded ourselves with a fun trip to the dunes.

The Elephant in the Room

Back to work! Holidays are over! We return to dusty Puerto Peñasco, where our construction site awaits. Time to conquer one of our biggest projects yet.

Cast Off – We’re Going Sailing

We take a break from boat work and go on a sailing trip. Our departure was a bit hectic, because the painting of the freeboard was not going as planned.

Milagros in a Sandstorm

We discover a proper solution for the next steps in our hull project. With it come with a few days of free time in Puerto Peñasco, which leads to a couple of interesting experiences.

Sanding Antifouling – a Poisonous Matter

The old antifouling on our underwater hull has to go. But how do we get the poison cocktail off the boat? We try it the hard way, although everyone advises us not to.

Is this your first boat?

The honeymoon is over and we are daring the big projects. As expected we encounter obstacles that have to be overcome. Our motto is: one step at a time.