Tag: Diesel Engine

Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down.

The passage to Mazatlàn took a bit of a toll on all of us. It gave us an opportunity to reflect on what lies behind and ahead of us. And ahead was where we wanted to go, after all.

Stranded in Paradise

Well, here we are. Stranded in our new hood that is Puerto Escondido. Could be a lot worse tough, since it’s pretty darn nice around here. Maybe we’ll move in!

Our Maiden Voyage – a Hell of a Ride

We finally manage to leave Puerto Peñasco. But our maiden voyage with Milagros turns from champagne sailing into a hell of a ride.

It’s Not Happening! We’re Not Heading Out!

We have had the worst week since we arrived in Mexico. From time to time we really ask ourselves how much one can bear.

We’re Diesel Mechanics Now!

After 9 months at the boatyard, we finally wanted to finish. Therefore, nothing, but nothing at all should stop us. But we faced complications with our engine.

Twisted in the Engine Room

We learn what a prop shaft coupling is and how it can be removed. This brings us a step further in one of our big projects but requires a decision.

The Curse of Mag Bay

We explore the small fishing village of Punta Magdalena, eat like kings (and queens) in the truest sense of the word, and face diesel engine problems.