How to make the best of Covid-19

Preparations for our life as liveaboard cruisers come to a full stop as Covid-19 spreaks all over the planet. We make the best of it.

Our first Taste of Boat Life

We make our first trip to visit Milagros for two weeks. As expected, boat life comes with a lot of twists, turns, and surprises.

Milagros is ours – We’re boat owners!!

Finally the miracle happened and we’re all of a sudden owners of our very own sailboat called Milagros. How crazy is that??

Our Dream Boat in Ensenada, Mexico

I spontaneously join Iñaki on a visit to his boat in Ensenada, Mexiko. It turned out to be the best decision I could possibly make.

The gangway of a Kelly Peterson 44 opens up to the cockpit

The Kelly Peterson 44 – Stung by a Scorpion

Correctly the title of this blog post should be ‘Stung by a Scorpido’. That’s the name of a Kelly Peterson 44 we inspected in Los Angeles.

Our first Marine Survey: United Forces Part 2

We’re travelling to Italy for another visit, this time for our very first marine survey. Maybe we’ll be owners of our very own sailboat soon?

Aluminium Sailboat: United Forces Part 1

Our travels through Europe continue since another candidate needs to be looked at. We’re checking out an Aluminium sailboat in Northern Italy.

Un road trip à travers la Norvège

Next on our List is Norway. The rough and beautiful North of Europe lures us with three potential sailboats worth having a look at.

Transport of Sylfia to the water

La légende de Sylfia

During our search for a sailboat we have come across a very special sailboat with an impressive story. Her name is Sylfia.

Sailboat Inspections and Spanish Fries

We mean serious business with our sailing plans and travel to Spain for our very first sailboat inspections. Will there be one that fits us?