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Sanding equipment for sailboat sanding

Sanding Gelcoat – No Pain No Gain!

We’re diving into our first big project. Sanding the gelcoat off Milagros’ hull is very hard work! Too hard it seems some point. Ouch!

Milagros in a Sandstorm

We discover a proper solution for the next steps in our hull project. With it come with a few days of free time in Puerto Peñasco, which leads to a couple of interesting experiences.

Twisted in the Engine Room

We learn what a prop shaft coupling is and how it can be removed. This brings us a step further in one of our big projects but requires a decision.

Sanding Antifouling – a Poisonous Matter

The old antifouling on our underwater hull has to go. But how do we get the poison cocktail off the boat? We try it the hard way, although everyone advises us not to.

Is this your first boat?

The honeymoon is over and we are daring the big projects. As expected we encounter obstacles that have to be overcome. Our motto is: one step at a time.

We have arrived in Puerto Peñasco!

We made it! After an endlessly long journey with way too much luggage, we finally arrive at the boatyard in Puerto Peñasco and Milagros.

10 Questions about our Adventure

When we talk about our sailing project, there are questions that we answer over and over again. We have put together the 10 most frequently asked questions.

2020 you suck!

Unpredictability remains our loyal companion. Will we stay in Switzerland longer? The old year strikes and we take things as they come.

What’s the Boat Refit Plan?

We’re back in Switzerland, but what’s next? A boat refit is due in 2021. Read about our thoughts and the next steps.