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Island Hopping And Good Times And Farewells

For the next couple of weeks, we embarked on all the good times one could possibly think of with our close-knit group of friends, living our best lives.

Sailors United: A Flotilla Adventure

We meet up with cruiser friends from Puerto Peñasco and celebrate two birthdays.

Continuing from where we left off

We’re breaking free from cabin fever and heading off to Baja California. Finally! Breathtaking landscapes, anchor beers, and unexpected encounters await.

The Last Gringos: A Voyage to Beginnings

We embarked on a journey to the very place where our adventure started. Our destination? The quaint town of Puerto Peñasco.

The Snowball Effect

While we’re actively gearing up for the upcoming sailing season, we’ve been met with a blend of challenges and enjoyable moments. True to form, a multitude of hurdles and surprises have presented themselves.

Leaving the Heat with Cheese in our Sights

We returned to Switzerland for 3 months, enjyoing the comfort of family, the luxury of Swiss cheese, and various social events.

Charting Calm Waters: Our Seasonal Sail Break

We are currently enjoying our summer hiatus in Switzerland, taking time to savour the memories of the past sailing season. Rest assured, we’ll be back in action before you know it.

Lessons Learned and Memories Made

We’re already back home in Switzerland! Our season ended with a highlight, but even here on the other side of the planet we’re not spared from trouble.


This is it! We have reached 100 blog posts! Crazyneeess! In this episode of “Sailing Milagros” we look back at a very interesting and busy couple of weeks. And there’s puppies, too!