Category: Failing Milagros

Apart from sailing Milagros, failing Milagros is almost inevitable. Because: you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.

A Parcel in Mexico – a Short Story

We send a parcel to the US and mistakenly assume it’s a simple matter. This is a true story about international parcel shipping, helpful mailmen and the Mexican way.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Before we left for Switzerland, we wanted to finish a few projects – mostly with success. We also fought our way through the Mexican jungle of bureaucracy.

The Daily Grind is Real

We fight against our weaker selves and our beliefs. And we take the next step in one of our most important projects. But we also experience some moments on the sunny side of life.

The Silence of the Desert

Even though it neither looks nor feels like it, we’re actually making progress with Milagros’ refit. Besides work, we enjoy a weekend in the desert.

Haunted by Bad Luck

Our fiberglass material was finally delivered – the rebuilding of the hull could begin! Finally, we thought, the destruction would stop. Unfortunately, that was not the case. We would learn a lot, but we were haunted by bad luck.

Sanding Antifouling – a Poisonous Matter

The old antifouling on our underwater hull has to go. But how do we get the poison cocktail off the boat? We try it the hard way, although everyone advises us not to.

The Curse of Mag Bay

We explore the small fishing village of Punta Magdalena, eat like kings (and queens) in the truest sense of the word, and face diesel engine problems.

Boat Projects to start the Adventure

We begin with the preparations for the transfer of Milagros to another harbour and are already experiencing the first ups and downs of boat life.

How to make the best of Covid-19

Preparations for our life as liveaboard cruisers come to a full stop as Covid-19 spreads all over the planet. We make the best of it.