Author: Patricia

Charting Calm Waters: Our Seasonal Sail Break

We are currently enjoying our summer hiatus in Switzerland, taking time to savour the memories of the past sailing season. Rest assured, we’ll be back in action before you know it.

Boatyard Chronicles: Heat, Dogs, and a Toppled Power Pole

It’s quiet, the temperatures are rising, and it seems like not much is happening. But that’s only if you don’t look closely.

No Better Time Than The Present

We’re back in Guaymas and diving into work. After ending our sailing season early this year, we wanted to treat ourselves and Milagros to something nice.

Navigating Uncertainty: The Panama Dilemma

We welcome our next guest from Switzerland. Originally, we had planned to sail south with him, but as with most of a sailor’s plans, things didn’t go as expected.

From Madness to Memories

After a brief stay in La Paz, we sail south to the Mexican mainland. We are excited to finally explore new waters. However, things don’t go as planned and one mishap follows the next.

Gone with the Wind

We had about three weeks time until we had to be in La Paz. So, we wanted to explore a few more anchorages on the Baja side.

Plus One And Minus One Equals One

While David leaves Milagros for 2 weeks, our good friend Nicole from Switzerland visits me. Together we immerse ourselves in sailing life – with an unexpected ending. And I spontaneously travel to the USA.

The Kingdom of El Mero

What or where is that, you might wonder? We spent the holidays there with cruiser friends, boat projects and some sailing.

A 3-Star Experience in Guaymas

We spend some time on the hook and then move to an interesting marina in Guaymas where we celebrate David’s birthday.