2020 you suck!

While my sister Carmen and Iñaki are already exploring anchor bays on Anila and collecting miles, we are still in Switzerland. Here we are celebrating Christmas again and are looking forward to 2021. It is about time that this tragedy of a year is over. 2020 decided to strike again with full force. We say farewell, we sadly also have to say goodbye forever.

We had originally hoped that the Covid situation would calm down enough by the end of 2020 so that we can celebrate Christmas with our families as usual and say goodbye to friends and family with a clear conscience. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way we imagined. Because of Corona, we only spent the Christmas days with the closest family. The usual big Christmas parties with all relatives, acquaintances and their followers could unfortunately not take place.

2020, enough now!

In addition, everything was overshadowed by the sad news of my grandmother’s death. She had always diligently followed and commented on our adventure and had even learned to use Instagram to get everything. On top of that we unfortunately had to say goodbye to Bruce, one of the family dogs. The 12-year-old Big Swiss Grand Bouvier was a gentle giant who could always put a smile on our faces. Towards the end, his physical deficits simply became too great. 2020 you A!% + § # ¢ {°!.

Covid has come to stay

The new developments in the global pandemic gives us some concern. There’s a chance that due to the flight stop to and from the UK because of the new Covid mutation we will not be able to depart as planned. This time we are flying via Germany. We won’t believe we’re on our way until we’re actually on the plane to Mexico. Even so, we are preparing as much as we can for the start of the adventure on the 12th of January 2021. But there’s also a plan B, should the departure not take place as planned. We are mentally prepared for everything…

On to new shores

A decisive event – if you can call it that – was certainly that we both passed our final days at our jobs just before Christmas. We now officially no longer have regular working hours. This is a special moment because for me it is the first time since my bachelor’s degree at the end of 2010. But I am really looking forward to what is and may come. Cards are being reshuffled, old braids are cut off and anything is possible. Anyone who knows me knows: this is exactly my kind of thing. Some projects are already in the pipeline – how could it be otherwise? 😉 Before us lies the unknown, untrodden terrain, the risk of failure. But it also offers opportunities and enormous growth potential – both professionally and personally. We are excited!

The paperwork is done

At the moment we are on the last legs of preparations and the less pleasant things, such as putting on an emergency folder and writing our wills, are now done. Yes, that’s important – David and I are not married. According to Swiss law, we cannot decide the course of actions for each other in the event of illness and we would not inherit anything from each other. Still, it’s not nice to have to think about all these aspects now. Especially since we have such an exciting adventure ahead of us and we would love to experience it. But you never know…

What should we take with us?

The suitcases are not packed yet. Many things that we still need (e.g. a decent French press) we would like to get hold of here in Switzerland. But since all of this requires luggage space and could also easily be ordered from the USA (we’ll live about 1 hour from the US border), we will probably leave it be.

Wait and see

In the meantime, we enjoy the remaining weeks with friends and family as much as possible, mostly outside in a Covid-compliant way. We also baked Christmas cookies together. Anyone who has ever baked delicious sweets knows how it is. You put in half a day of work and they’re all gone in record time.

Are we ready?

Um, yes, we are as ready as you can be in such a situation – we are prepared for anything. And how are we dealing with the uncertainty? So far, we’re doing alright. Well, in the end we could postpone the start of our adventure as often as we want / have to. For that we’d have our plan B, which we could activate. Therefore: we remain optimistic and deal with the situation as it develops.

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Herzlichen Dank für die interessanten Berichte. Wünsche euch ein gutes neues Jahr, viel Erfolg und vorallem Gesund bleiben.
Gruss Bruno

Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß und Erfolg bei euren Plänen. Mögen eure Wünsche in Erfüllung gehen! Freue mich, eure Reise in euren Berichten zu verfolgen. Alles Gute!

Es tut uns sehr leid, dass eure baldige Abreise von zwei schmerzlichen Abschieden begleitet wird. Für 2021 wünschen wir euch von Herzen alles, alles Liebe und unvergessliche Erlebnisse. Wir sind in Gedanken bei euch und freuen uns auf eure Blogs. Urs und Dorothee

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